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How To Choose Cable Tray

1. In the engineering design, the layout of the bridge should be comprehensively compared based on economic rationality, technical feasibility, operational safety and other factors to determine the best plan, and also fully meet the requirements of construction and installation, maintenance and repair and cable laying.
2. When the bridge is laid horizontally, the height from the ground is generally not less than 2.5m. When it is laid vertically, the part below 1.8m from the ground should be protected by a metal cover plate, except when it is laid in a special electrical room. When the cable bridge is laid horizontally on the equipment mezzanine or on the pedestrian road and is less than 2.5m, protective grounding measures should be taken.
3. Bridges, trunkings and their supports and hangers are used in corrosive environments and should be made of corrosion-resistant rigid materials. Or take anti-corrosion treatment, the anti-corrosion treatment should meet the project
Environmental and durability requirements. For places with high corrosion resistance or cleanliness requirements, aluminum alloy cable trays should be used.
4. In the section with fire protection requirements, the cable ladder frame, tray can be added with fire-resistant or flame-retardant plates, nets and other materials to form a closed or semi-closed structure, and taken on the bridge and its supporting hangers The fire resistance coating and other measures on the surface, the overall fire resistance should meet the requirements of relevant national regulations or standards. Aluminum alloy cable bridges should not be used in places with high fire protection requirements

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