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How To Lay The Roofing

1. When laying the formwork, the formwork must be laid along with the opening of the package, and must be fixed by electric welding while laying. It is forbidden for the loose plate to be unfixed and the steel truss formwork to be temporarily laid

2. After the bundling is lifted into the air, people and people are not allowed to stand or walk around the bottom of the bundling, and people are not allowed to walk under the construction floor.

3. It is not allowed to walk on the steel truss formwork plates that are not firmly fixed or temporarily supported according to the design requirements, and it is not appropriate to step on the galvanized bottom die steel plate when walking, to prevent the solder joints from breaking and causing accidents.

4. After the steel truss formwork is laid, the hole should be closed in time, and the guardrail should be set up and marked clearly.

5. After the junction box of the pipeline installed by water and electricity is fixed with iron wire, it can be welded to the belly bar of the steel truss formwork truss, and shall not be welded to the stressed steel bar.

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