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Matters Needing Attention For Roll Forming Machine

1, electricians must understand the wiring of the workshop and the type and performance of the equipment. If they do not understand the performance of their equipment, they cannot use it riskily.

2, the electrician must set the time to check the situation of the motor and the electric console, etc. If the situation is checked during the inspection, it must be dealt with quickly. In the case of checking the power of the motor, check that there is no power before checking with the back of the hand.

3. In addition to electricity and measures for temporary construction, it is not allowed to set up temporary wires, hang lamps, tools, and welding equipment, and use stable sockets. The previous wires cannot be changed at will.

4. According to the regulations, his products shall be inspected and nursed on schedule, and the electrical product lines not used shall be completely removed.

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