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C-type steel tile press is different from glass tile press. It is hydraulic powered and has a large power, generally around 22KW. It is similar to the shearing and bending machine. The general control process is complicated, and PLC control is mostly used. Technological process of C-shaped steel tile pressing machine: Strip steel is fed from the rear of the equipment, and then pressed into C-shaped steel by various pressing rollers and sent from the head. In the traditional process, the C-shaped steel needs to be manually cut to a fixed length after being pressed, and then transported to the punching equipment to punch according to the size required by the customer. Production cannot be continuous and the efficiency is not high. After gradually improving the production process, the automatic control of the whole process was finally realized, which dramatically improved the production efficiency and increased the technical content and added value of customer equipment. The C-type steel machine equipment's entire unit automation control system uses a highly integrated network to enable The performance of the automation system is more superior. The color steel tile equipment also has operation, maintenance, and color steel tile equipment adopts high-level automatic control software to achieve production information management. The entire unit automation control system uses a highly integrated network to improve the performance of the automation system. Superior, the color steel tile equipment also has the advantages of operation, maintenance, maintenance, mechanical debugging, and easy mold replacement.

The ordinary steel in C-type steel tile press can be divided into large-size steel, medium-size steel and small-size steel according to the metal product catalog. Small-size steel: the processing and use of small-size steel in the angle, round, square and flat steel are similar to that of large-scale Commonly used as construction steel. Profiled steel includes retaining ring, horseshoe steel, magnetic pole steel, presser foot plate, shallow channel steel, small channel steel, T-shaped steel, ball flat steel, feeding tooth steel, hot-rolled hexagonal steel, etc. In addition Rivet steel, farm tool steel, window frame steel: large section steel: I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, flat steel in large-section steel are hot rolled, round steel, square steel, hexagonal steel in addition to hot rolling, and forging , Cold-drawn, etc. Special-shaped steel in the tractor girder channel steel; steel pile steel is used in hydraulic construction and mining engineering; tractor construction machinery track shoes, concave flat, spherical flat steel, etc. These special-shaped steels are close to the shape of The size can greatly reduce mechanical processing, ensure product quality, and save metal.

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