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Process Of Composite Board Machine

(1) Glue compounding on the composite board: check whether the panel and bottom plate of the composite board production line are dry, and pick out the board with moisture. Adjust the glue, adjust the glue and calcium carbonate evenly, and adjust the toner to the same color as the panel. According to the climate and humidity at the time, add an appropriate amount of curing agent, the ratio of curing agent to glue is 1 ~ 3%.

(2) Pre-composite process of panel: if faced with a polished surface and a mesh panel, it must be carefully selected and sent to a hand-held grinder for de-glazing. It is de-aired according to the flatness, dry-grinded and leveled, but not deep-grinded; then the net is broken off Cloth shovel flat surface glue. If the shovel cannot be removed, you should use a hand-held grinder to grind off the net surface glue. Use double-sided smoothing to remove dust from the dry-milled panel.

(3) The pre-composite process of the bottom plate: the bottom plate with light should be de-glazed and then thickened, usually the thickness of 20mm bottom plate should be 17mm. After the bottom plate is fixed, remove moisture. Can be pulled outside to dry, dry or blow dry. Note that if the board is not dry, it cannot be glued to avoid delamination or infirmity.

(4) Select panel: select the marble panel that meets the customer's requirements. Clarify the types of materials and the consistency of colors. Note that when selecting the panel, it should be free of scars, warpage, trachoma, depressions, stains, etc. If the wool board does not show the effect, the panel can only be determined after spraying the board with a water gun.

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