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Roof Tile Machine Advantage

Now people do n’t just go to see the color steel house and change it. Now it ’s the pursuit of beauty. In the past two years, the color steel glazed tile machine has become more and more popular. The pressed board is beautiful and beautiful. The shape of the house will add a lot of beauty to the house. The glazed tile tile press is divided into three parts, the roller forming part and the cutter part. The forming part of the roller table is driven by the motor, and the chain drives the rollers to rotate and form. The pressing part is a hydraulic cylinder that drives the mold to move up and down, which can press the color steel into many knots, shaped like glazed tiles. The cutter part is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to move the cutter up and down, which can cut off the colored steel tiles. The production process is as follows: the colored steel plate enters the forming part of the roller table, and after the forming, it is pressed to the molding part and pressed into equal distances one by one. The cutter is responsible for fixed-length cutting.

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