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The Decking Floor Machine

1: To meet the requirements of the rapid construction of the main steel structure, it can provide a firm working platform in a short time, and can use multiple floors to lay profiled steel plates and layer-by-layer pouring of concrete slabs.
2: In the use stage, the floor slab is used as the tensile reinforcement of the concrete floor, which also improves the rigidity of the floor and saves the amount of steel and concrete.
3: The surface embossing of the profiled plate makes the floor slab and concrete have the largest binding force, so that the two form a whole, together with stiffeners, so that the floor slab system has a high strength.
4: Under cantilever conditions, the floor slab is only used as a permanent formwork. The length of the overhang can be determined according to the cross-sectional characteristics of the floor slab. In order to prevent the cracking of the cantilevered board, it needs to be matched at the support according to the design of the structural engineer

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