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What should be done every day is good for roof machine?

How to let the roof machine for long-term use, the first thing to do is to remember the manual of roof machine. What should be done every day is good for roof machine, we should stick to it every day.

First of all, the surface of the roof machine must be cleaned. The die stamping process of the machine: the motor passes the pulley to drive the input shaft, the pinion, the large gear, and the upper shaft. Movement up and down to achieve roof machine

The indexing of the table is achieved by the gear set mounted on the end of the upper shaft, the transmission pin gear, and the grooved wheels mounted on the hexagonal runner shaft to achieve indexing positioning. The return cam, which is conjugated to the pressing cam, is mounted on the same axis, and the positioning of the lower mold in the working position is achieved through the positioning rod and the positioning disk. Lubrication pumps are installed in the left and right sides of the casing, and the oil pipe is used to transport lubricating oil to the frictional moving parts when the machine passes. Those who understand the structure and performance of the machine and the operating procedures must not start the machine.

It is strictly forbidden to work above the minimum closed height, that is, the minimum distance from the bottom surface of the upper sliding box to each side of the work is 290㎜. The height after the upper and lower molds are required to add, the thickness of the upper and lower pads and the thickness of the tile blank are not allowed to exceed 290㎜. Design according to this requirement to avoid machine accidents.

Always pay attention to the height of the lubricant in the sliding box and the sides of the machine. The equipment should be wiped frequently and kept clean without mud and water.

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