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Application of Electric Control System
Latest company news about Application of Electric Control System

How should the electric control system of the tile press machine be operated? Below I will give you an introduction to the operation instructions of the tile tile electrical control box through the feedback of the technical staff.

1. Forward and reverse operation is performed by the inverter control host to perform forward and reverse interchange. Its running speed can be controlled by the high and low speed switches on the panel. During automatic operation, the speed switch is adjusted to high speed.

2. The oil pump switch is used to control the start and stop of the oil pump. Before starting, please start the oil pump to provide pressure to the hydraulic system. After the oil pump runs, note that the direction of the oil pump should be consistent with the direction of the arrow. Any two of the three items can be exchanged.

3. The cut and return buttons are used to control the operation of the cutter. If pressing the cut and return buttons is invalid, generally consider whether the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is too low. If so, the hydraulic oil should be replenished immediately. In addition, the cutter cuts and returns During the process, the operation of the front limit switch will automatically stop.

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