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CZ Purlin Machine Processing Flow
Latest company news about CZ Purlin Machine Processing Flow

Process flow of cz-shaped steel machinery and equipment: The strip steel is fed from the tail of the equipment, and is pressed into C-shaped steel through various pressing rollers and sent out from the head. In the traditional process, C-shaped steel needs to be manually cut to a fixed length after being pressed and then transported to the punch The hole equipment is drilled according to the size required by the customer, the production cannot be continuous, and the efficiency is not high. After gradually improving the production process, the ultra-final realizes the automatic control of the entire process process, which dramatically improves the production efficiency and increases the technical content of the customer equipment. Added value.
The main characteristics of cz steel machinery equipment: the roller adopts bearing steel (GR15) and is annealed after forging; the base adopts 310H steel; the lower five upper four levels are used for leveling to ensure smoothness; the secondary forming type is used to ensure the squareness and right angle of the product. The size of the upper side can be made; the thickness of the rolled material is 1.5mm-3mm (the thickness can also be designed according to user requirements).

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