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company news about How To Adjust Roof Sheet Machine Deviation?

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How To Adjust Roof Sheet Machine Deviation?
Latest company news about How To Adjust Roof Sheet Machine Deviation?

(1) The level of the tile press machine is not adjusted properly, you can use a level ruler to straighten the channel steel at both ends of the machine, and the four legs of the machine are properly leveled with some iron plates.
(2) Find a large square ruler, measure the feed ruler behind the tile press, that is, the angle iron of the plate and the wheel of the tile press to find the right angle, this is very important, if the rear plate is not a right angle The color board must not go straight.
(3) Measure the diagonal of both ends of the machine to see if they are consistent, provided that the machine is adjusted horizontally. According to experience, the diagonal angle is less than 4 mm and can be adjusted. If it is greater than 4 mm, it is difficult to adjust. Even if it is adjusted, the walking plate is unstable.
(4) When encountering a machine that deviates, the principle is to look in the direction of entering the board, and in which direction the board runs, pad the feet of that machine. In fact, the diagonal is artificially adjusted to be consistent.
(5) Finally, measure whether your color steel equipment and the color steel coil you put are on a parallel line. Reminder: Deviation generally occurs after the color steel coil is replaced, and the coil and the machine are not in a straight line (the coil and the machine cannot be too close to maintain a distance of about 3 meters), resulting in the deviation of the board and the deviation of the tile

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