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company news about How to Deal With Common Problems of Roofing Machine

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How to Deal With Common Problems of Roofing Machine
Latest company news about How to Deal With Common Problems of Roofing Machine

Troubleshooting methods for common problems of color steel tile press

There are indicators on the PLC controller in the control box of the color steel tile press. Normally it should display: POWER green light on, RUN green light on. IN: input indicator, 0 1 light flashes frequently when the counter is rotating, automatic state 2 light on, manual state 3 lights are on, 6 lights are on when the knife is lowered and touches the limit switch, and 7 lights when the knife is raised and touches the limit switch. When the automatic is turned on, the 7 lights must be on to operate. Lights 2 and 3 cannot be on at the same time. When they are on at the same time, the automatic switch is broken or short-circuited. Lights 6 and 7 can't be on at the same time, and they are on at the same time. Explanation: 1 travel switch is connected incorrectly, 2 travel switch is broken; 3. X6 and X7 are short-circuited.

A: Manual can work, automatic can’t work

the reason:

1 The number of cut sheets is greater than or equal to the set number of sheets

2 The number of sheets or the length is not set

3 The automatic switch button is damaged

4 The cutter is not raised and hits the limit switch. Or touch the travel switch, but there is no signal, input 7 light does not light up


1 Clear the current number of sheets {press the ALM key once}.

2 When the automatic switch is in the on position, the IN terminal 2 light on the PLC does not light up {Can be replaced by any brand of LAY3 series knobs}

3 The travel switch is broken or the wire from the travel switch to the electric box is broken.

4 When none of the above reasons are present, check: set the number and length of sheets, reset the current length to zero, raise the cutter to the upper limit, and turn on the automatic switch and check whether the line voltage is normal according to the drawing.

B: Manual and automatic do not work. The display does not show:

the reason:

1 The power supply is abnormal. When the voltmeter shows below 150V, the working voltage cannot be reached and the electric cabinet cannot be started

2 Fuse blown


1 Check whether the three-phase power input is 380V, and check whether the neutral line is well connected.

2 Replace and check whether the solenoid valve wire is damaged. {Fuse Type 6A}

C: Manual and automatic do not work, the voltmeter shows below 200V, the display shows

the reason:

Zero line open circuit


Check the computer's external neutral line

D: Just unscrew the automatic cutter and go all the way up (or down)

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