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company news about How To Install Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

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How To Install Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine
Latest company news about How To Install Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

1) The builder chooses the laying method of the tile before starting to install the color steel ridge tiles. Generally, the laying method of tiles is overlapping and staggered. If the length of the house is less than 15m, the overlapping type can be used, and the roof is greater than 15m. Use staggered.

2) Make sure the installation method is good, and start to install the sealing strip. The builder splits the sealing strip in half, and then presses against the tile shape on the roof, covers it with ridge tiles and fixes it with special nails. The joint of the side tiles is sealed with cement and then directly covered with ridge tiles.

3) The connection of the inclined surface needs to be cut according to the angle and length of the roof tile first, and then installed at the bottom to receive water treatment. That is, the builder installs the gutter under the tile, and then finishes it with waterproof adhesive or cement.

4) When doing waterproof treatment of the protruding part, the builder chooses the waterproof material and size, and then lays color steel tiles on it after installing at the water receiving place.

5) After installation, the color steel ridge tiles need to be fixed with special nails in the middle of the tile bones to play a waterproof role. Generally, the interval between the special nails is about 0.5m, and the special nails should be fixed from the lower end of the tile to the roof. Only playing can have a beautiful and neat effect.

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