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company news about How to install roller door slate?

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How to install roller door slate?
Latest company news about How to install roller door slate?

Our factory produce difference kinds of roller door machine, door guide machine, we have been in this feild about 20years, share our customer experience on installing roller door.


1. Determine the installation position of the guide rails on both sides of the fire shutter door. Use the hammer line to release the guide line of the guide rail and the cross line of the fixing bolts of the guide rail connection.

2. Use an impact drill to drill holes in the wall post to fix the expansion bolt holes. The distance between the connection parts should not be greater than 600 mm, and the two ends are 100 mm away from the rail opening. First fix several connecting pieces up and down, paste the guide rail, correct its verticality and spot weld, repeat the verticality of the guide rail after the guide is fixed. Embedded rail depth.

3.Install the other connecting parts. Spot welding is adopted between the connecting part and the guide rail. The spot welding point between each connecting part and a guide rail is not less than 5 points. The width of the spot welding is not less than 5 mm. The welding place should never be worn. occur. When the stainless steel guide rail is used, the electrode is made of stainless steel.

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