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company news about How to Operate Roofing Machine Safely

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How to Operate Roofing Machine Safely
Latest company news about How to Operate Roofing Machine Safely

The color steel tile produced by the tile press is widely used, and can be said to be very popular in the market. Therefore, the sales volume of the tile press production equipment is very good. Many manufacturers buy the tile press to produce the color steel tile. The production equipment of the tile pressing machine is a mechanical device, and the production from beginning to end only needs to move the finger, and the color steel plate is very light, so the production process is very easy. However, although the operation is easy, accidents can occur if you do not understand the operation or pay attention to the operating procedures, and some of the consequences even dare not imagine.
1. The staff must wear work clothes before work, and the cuffs should be fastened tightly so that they cannot operate with open arms. This operation makes it easy for clothes to be rolled into the tile press. It is not allowed to change clothes next to the working machine. When working, the helmet must be worn. If it is a female staff member, put the whip under the hat. Skirts or slippers cannot be worn. Before turning on the machine and equipment, you must carefully check it, and apply lubricant to the equipment every time you leave work, once a day, and you must not forget it. A large-scale overhaul and maintenance of the equipment will be carried out in half a year.

Second, pay attention to the rated thickness of the shearing material of the tile press, and do not exceed this value. When unloading, the material should be carefully inspected, and no hard marks, welds, welding slag and other materials are required. This will affect normal production and the quality of the produced products will not be guaranteed.

3. Start-up procedure: First adjust the blade according to the thickness of the material. Then adjust the master or fixture according to the width of the material, and finally conduct a trial operation before formal production.

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