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Instructions for Using Roofing Machine Parts
Latest company news about Instructions for Using Roofing Machine Parts

1. Filter

The filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned; 1. Every time the oil is changed.

Check and clean every 3 months, 2. Air filter on the fuel tank. It is best to replace it within 1 year.

It should be replaced; 3. Other filter abnormalities such as related alarms of the machine tool or dirty oil.

2. Hydraulic components

Do not use cleaning agents; 1. Clean the hydraulic components (base plate, valves, motors, pumps, oil pipes, etc.) monthly to prevent dirt from entering the system.

Check if there is any deformation at the bend of each tubing of the tile press machine. 2. One month after using the new machine. If there are any abnormalities, they should be replaced. After two months of use, the joints of all accessories should be fastened. When performing this work, the system should be shut down and the system should be free of pressure.

3. Hydraulic oil circuit

The tile press should also be inspected after repairing the hydraulic system. 1. Check the oil level of the tank every week. The oil level is lower than the oil window should be filled with hydraulic oil;

Do not exceed 70 ℃, 2. The system oil temperature should be between 35 ℃ ~ 60 ℃. If it is too high, it will lead to the deterioration of oil quality and accessories.

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