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company news about Introduce the Principle of Using Roof Machine

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Company News
Introduce the Principle of Using Roof Machine
Latest company news about Introduce the Principle of Using Roof Machine

Introduce the principles of using the tile press:

1. The indexing position of the worktable is achieved by the gear set mounted on the end of the upper shaft, driving the shift pin gear, and turning the groove wheel mounted on the hexagonal runner shaft to achieve indexing and positioning. Equipped with a return cam that is conjugated to the pressing cam on the same shaft, and the lower mold is accurately positioned at the working position through the positioning rod and the positioning plate.

2. Always pay attention to observe the height of the lubricating oil in the sliding box and both sides of the machine. The equipment should be wiped frequently, kept clean, and no muddy water is allowed.

3. Clean the surface of the tile press. The upper die stamping process of the machine: the input shaft is driven by the motor through the pulley, the upper shaft is driven by the pinion and the big gear, and the upper die is driven to slide through a set of cam mechanisms. The seat moves up and down to achieve compression.

4. It is strictly forbidden for the tile press to work beyond the small closed height, that is, the small distance between the bottom surface of the upper sliding box and the working surface is 290 mm. The height after the upper and lower mold molds is required to be added. 290mm, the mold should be designed according to this requirement to avoid machine tool accidents.

5. Lubrication pumps are installed in the left and right sides of the chassis. When the machine is working, the oil pipes deliver lubricating oil to the frictional moving parts. Those who do not understand the structure and performance of the machine and the operating procedures shall not start the machine.

6. What we have to do is to remember the maintenance manual of the tile press accordingly. We should stick to it every day if it is good for the tile press.

Traditional tile presses use contact relays to switch various actions, often due to loose contact screws and contact aging failures, usually used millions of times after replacing new products to ensure electrical stability. In particular, environmental factors such as dust and moisture can also affect the movement of the machine. The modern injection molding machine has no contact integrated circuit, and the wire connection is greatly reduced, which significantly improves the bad phenomenon caused by the wire and improves the stability. The hydraulic system should pay attention to the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and maintain the quality of the hydraulic oil. It should use good stability and excellent hydraulic oil. In addition to regular replacement, the working temperature should be properly controlled below 50 ℃ to avoid the decrease of the stability of the hydraulic effect. Degrade. Part of the organization should be regularly lubricated to reduce the coefficient of friction and reduce wear. The nuts and locking screws on the head plate should be checked regularly to avoid uneven force. The mold thickness adjustment mechanism should periodically check whether the drive shaft gear or chain is offset or slack. Whether the gear on the gear is loose, whether the grease is enough, etc.

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