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Light Gauge Steel Machine
Latest company news about Light Gauge Steel Machine

Step 1. Vertex BD Design Software

Construction design through Vertex BD design software, design data NC output to production software

Step 2. HBS LGS Production System

Input design data from Vertex BD NC output. Self-develop HBS LGS Production system Controls the production equipment and refine the frame structure

Vertex BD software Design

Step 3. HBS Machine

The PLC panel is able to make clear to each component production current process. It can timely reproduce any failed products resulted from any reasons in the production process

Step 4. Assembly

Different components have independent inkjet coding. Assembly as per the drawing from Vertex BD software.

LGS Production System with Two Features

Feature 1. Material Saving:

With the output code of Vertex software, there is always an inevitable material waste of 45-50mm when it comes to one part with chamfer cut or with flat cut, such wastage can amazingly reach 1.7-2.1%. Based on above calculation, a yearly production of 5000 Tonapproximate will generate 100 tons wastes. However, in view of this situation, HBS LGS production system has made a serials optimization, which minimizes the wastage to a minimum.

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