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company news about Maintenance of the lubrication system of the tile press

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Maintenance of the lubrication system of the tile press
Latest company news about Maintenance of the lubrication system of the tile press

Metal elastic element flexible tile presses generally have a longer service life than non-metallic elastic element flexible color steel tile presses. It is necessary to seal and lubricate and use durable bearings. It is difficult for large machinery to adjust the alignment of the two shafts. Certainly increase the maintenance workload. For temporary continuous operation and places with high economic benefits, such as the high-speed end of the rolling mill drive system of China's metallurgical enterprises, the toothed structure currently commonly used. Although the toothed color steel tile press theoretically transmits a large torque, it is in lubrication and Durable work can only be done under well-sealed conditions. In addition, it is necessary to check the sealing condition frequently, inject lubricating oil or lubricating grease, the maintenance workload is large, auxiliary working hours are increased, working hours are reduced, and production efficiency is affected. The industrial development in Shanghai has generally replaced the drum tooth type with long service life and no lubrication and maintenance, which not only improves the economic benefits, but also purifies the working environment. The rolling mill drive system uses the color steel tile press and angle galling tile press developed in China, which not only has the advantages of the diaphragm, but also has a good cushioning and vibration reduction effect and is cheap.
That is, large radial and axial dimensions, color steel tile press machine dimensions. Within the installation space allowed by the machine. Choose a color steel tile press machine that is easy to assemble and disassemble, no maintenance, long maintenance period or convenient maintenance, replace consumables without moving two shafts, and easy to adjust and center

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