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company news about Note On The Use of Color Steel Laminating Machine

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Note On The Use of Color Steel Laminating Machine
Latest company news about Note On The Use of Color Steel Laminating Machine

Precautions for starting the color steel tile laminating machine equipment:

1. Carefully check whether the suction filter is intact and clean, and then check the glue delivery tube and the drip tube; which should be clean and free of impurities, and if there is, then clean it in time.

2. Start the metering glue pump for circulation trial. The glue is returned to the drum from the bucket through the pump and the hose. During the trial, the air in the pipe should be exhausted, and observe whether the flow rate is normal. Run it for 10 minutes after normal.

3. Connect the hose to the drip tube, and carefully observe each small hole on the drip tube or clean the drip tube after turning on the pump.

4. After the machine is shut down, insert all the small glue holes with a pin, and then pull out before starting to work.

5. If the shutdown is about 24 hours, remove the drip hose and wash it for use, return the hose to the rubber bucket, and insert it under the surface of the glue for use. The glue pump should be started once every 1 day to allow the glue to circulate. —10 minutes, and make sure there is glue and no air in the pump and pipe.

6. If the production is not started for a long time, remove the rubber pump, soak and wash with acetone or thin material for use.

7. Before starting operation, firstly prepare the uniform glue system device (uniform glue board), choose different uniform glue boards according to the produced board type, use the sponge as the cushion, and wrap the air cushion film to play the role of uniform glue.

8. Start up the production and press the uniform glue board well, and start the uniform glue operation.

9. When the temperature is low, the infrared electric heating device can be opened to run production.

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