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company news about PLC Applied to Roof Machine

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China Cangzhou Best Machinery Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
PLC Applied to Roof Machine
Latest company news about PLC Applied to Roof Machine

Many modern factories, warehouses, high-rise building construction and large gas stations use colored steel tiles, or even glazed tile-style colored steel tiles, which makes the appearance of these buildings vivid and beautiful. These colored steel tiles are all produced by using colored steel plates by a special pressing machine. The colored steel plate enters into the tile press, is pressed into various shapes through various types of rollers, and is cut into a fixed length by a cutter. If you need glazed tiles, you can also press them. In this way, all kinds of colored steel tiles can be made.
glazed tile pressing machine is divided into three parts, roller forming part, pressing part and cutter part.
The forming part of the roller table is driven by a motor, and the chain drives each roller to rotate. The pressing part is a hydraulic cylinder that drives the mold to move up and down, which can press the color steel into many sections, which look like glazed tiles. The cutter part is driven by a hydraulic cylinder to move the cutter up and down, which can cut the colored steel tiles.
The production process is as follows: the colored steel plate enters the forming part of the roller table, and after forming, it reaches the pressing part and is pressed into equal distances. The cutter is responsible for cutting to a fixed length.
The executive part has frequency converter drive motor, hydraulic station motor, two hydraulic solenoid valves for profiling, and two hydraulic solenoid valves for cutters.
The detection part includes: pulse encoder to detect the length of color steel tile, pressure type up and down travel switch, cutter up and down travel switch, pressure type up and down operation button, cutter up and down travel button, emergency stop switch, hydraulic start-stop switch and many more.
PLC selects KDN-K306-24AR of KDN-K3 series. It has 14 inputs/10 relay outputs, which just meet the input and output requirements. Equipped with KDN text screen, you can complete parameter setting, alarm display, help information, production data display and so on.
The tile press must use the high-number pulse input function. The KDN-K306-24AR has excellent high-number input performance, and the AB phase has strong anti-interference ability. And use the fixed value interrupt function to ensure accuracy.
There are many parameters to be set in the tile press, which can be set with the text screen. There are two types of parameter setting: equipment parameter and user parameter setting. Equipment parameters include: single pulse length, overshoot, profiling distance, profiling time, cutter time, etc. User parameters include: number of sheets, length, first section, last section, pitch, number of sections, etc.

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