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company news about Precautions for color steel sheet installation

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Precautions for color steel sheet installation
Latest company news about Precautions for color steel sheet installation

1 The color steel tile has light weight and ingenious structure design, so the installation procedure is relatively simple. But pay attention when installing, try not to walk on the tile. If you need to move on the tile, you must first take safety measures, and you must step on the middle part when walking. This position has good bearing capacity and can bear the weight of the human body. Don't step on the edge of the color steel tile. First, the load-bearing is not enough, and second, it is easy to step on the slip, which may cause dangerous consequences.

2. Pay attention to the weather conditions when installing the color steel tile. Do not install it in bad weather. If the wind and rain are heavy, it will cause great inconvenience and safety accidents may occur. The construction personnel must be professionals and must hold a technical qualification certificate. This is not only a guarantee for the quality of the project, but also a responsibility for the personal safety of the staff.

3. The skeleton structure used must be built firmly, and the following protection and safety warnings should be done to avoid the accidental fall of objects and harm to pedestrians. If there is a lot of people near the construction site, it is best to arrange a person on the ground to guide and remind passers-by.

Correct laying method of color steel tile installation engineering tile

1. Overlapping (suitable for roofs with a length ≦ 15M)

2. Staggered type (suitable for roofs with length ≧ 15M)

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