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company news about Principle Of Using Tile Roll Forming Machine

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Principle Of Using Tile Roll Forming Machine
Latest company news about Principle Of Using Tile Roll Forming Machine

Principle of using tile press
Traditional tile presses use contact relays to switch various actions. Often due to loose contact screws and contact aging failures, they are usually used millions of times after replacing new products to ensure electrical stability. Especially environmental factors such as dust and moisture will also affect the movement of the machine. Modern injection molding machine has no contact integrated circuit, wire connection is greatly reduced, and the bad phenomenon caused by wire is significantly improved, and the stability is improved. The hydraulic system should pay attention to the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and maintain the quality of the hydraulic oil. Good stability should be used. In addition to regular replacement, the operating temperature should be properly controlled below 50 ° C to avoid the decrease in stability due to hydraulic pressure Deterioration. Part of the organization should be lubricated regularly to reduce the friction coefficient and reduce wear. The nuts and locking screws on the head plate should be checked regularly to avoid uneven forces. The mold thickness adjustment mechanism should regularly check whether the drive shaft gear or chain is offset or loose. Whether the gear on the gear is loose, whether the grease is enough, etc.

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