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company news about Processing procedure of Roller Shutter Door Machine

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Processing procedure of Roller Shutter Door Machine
Latest company news about Processing procedure of Roller Shutter Door Machine

Under conditional conditions, try to choose materials with high abrasion resistance, and heat-treat the surfaces that are often subject to friction, which can increase the abrasion resistance and hardness of the roller shutter door equipment.
In addition, the performance of the material will also be affected by environmental factors, such as high temperature, high pressure, etc., so in this case, choose materials such as powder metallurgy materials and graphite to make parts, the role will be better. The above requirements are all proposed to reduce the wear of rolling door equipment, thereby increasing the service life of the equipment.
Rolling door equipment is used to carry out various processes in the rolling door production process. When a long-term continuous operation process, each part of the equipment will wear to varying degrees. The solution is not to solve the problem after it occurs, but to take protective measures before the problem occurs, so the selection of component materials in the rolling door equipment is important.
Rolling door is a series of multi-movable door pieces connected in a fixed slideway, with the upper and lower rollers of the door as the center to rotate the upper and lower doors. The roller shutter door has the same horizontal separation as the wall. It consists of curtain board, seat board, guide rail, support, reel, box, control box, door roller, limiter, door lintel, manual quick release switch device, button switch It is composed of 13 roller shutter door accessories, such as a safety device, and is generally installed in a place where it is inconvenient to use wall separation.

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