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company news about Roofing Machine Power Management and Accuracy

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Company News
Roofing Machine Power Management and Accuracy
Latest company news about Roofing Machine Power Management and Accuracy

Attention to the power management of tile press equipment:
Can fully understand the color steel equipment, electricians must understand the workshop electrical, wiring and electrical equipment types and functions. No risky homework. If problems are found during the inspection, the electrician should check the cable, motor, electric console and other equipment on a daily basis. Must be disposed of in time. When checking the temperature of the motor, first check that there is no electricity, and then test with the back of the hand.
Temporary wires are not allowed, except for temporary construction electricity or temporary measures. It is not allowed to hang lights, instrument tools, welding machines and other application-safe switches and sockets. The original electrical circuit must not be changed without authorization.
When repairing color steel equipment. Warning signs of “prohibited contract, someone working” must be hung on the switch and knife, warning signs of “stop, high voltage danger” should be hung on the fence of live equipment and prohibited passages, and “should Work here "warning sign.
Completely remove unnecessary electrical equipment wiring. Regularly inspect and maintain the electrical equipment as scheduled.
The angle between the ladder and the scene should be 60 degrees, when using the ladder. When using ladders in cement, anti-skid measures must be taken and someone must hold the ladder.
When any conductive department of the color steel equipment is grounded. Except for rescuing the electric shockers, they will never agree to be close, and stay 4 meters away from the room, and 1.8 meters away indoors to avoid stepping voltage damage.
When there is an electric body less than 0.9 meters away from the inspection staff, the department will cut off the electricity. Dry wood rubber or insulating materials shall be used for reliable temporary shelter. There is protection against electric shock.
0.9 meters or less, the department power outage homework. Dry wood rubber or insulating materials shall be used for reliable temporary shelter. There is protection against electric shock.
Accuracy of tile press:
The status and role of tile press products in national economy and national defense construction are very important. Its development determines the improvement of the performance of electromechanical products. It can not only satisfy the necessary conditions for the diversification of functions of electromechanical products to the greatest extent, but also the basic guarantee for the completion of major engineering projects and major technical equipment, as well as the guarantee of the reliability of electromechanical products and major engineering projects and equipment.
Some of the detections of the tile press machine are: pulse encoder for detecting the length of colorful steel tiles, the up and down stroke switch of the profile, the up and down stroke switch of the cutter, the up and down operation button of the profile, the up and down stroke button of the cutter, the emergency stop switch, the hydraulic pressure Start and stop switches and so on. The tile pressing machine has some inverter-driven motors, hydraulic station motors, two hydraulic solenoid valves for pressure molding, and two hydraulic solenoid valves for cutters.
The tile press must use the high-number pulse input function, KDN-K306-24AR high-number input function is excellent, and the AB phase selection has strong anti-interference ability. And stop the function with a fixed value to ensure accuracy.
Slice or block installation method of tile press
The split or block device method refers to the method of lifting the grid into red stripe or block units from the lifting equipment to the high altitude planning position and then placing them into a whole; the strip refers to the long span along the grid The direction is cut into several sections, the width of each section can be one grid to three grids, and its length is the span of the short span of the grid. The block shape means that the unit shape after being cut along the vertical and horizontal directions of the grid frame is a rectangle or a square. The weight of each unit depends on the lifting capacity of the existing lifting equipment on site.
Striping or block device method Most welding and splicing operations are carried out on the ground, which is conducive to improving the quality of the project and can save most of the assembly bracket. Because the cutting order has considered the existing lifting equipment on site, it can make full use of the existing equipment on the construction site, reduce the rental cost of the lifting equipment and the entry and exit fees of C-shaped steel machines, which is conducive to reducing costs. The slitting or dividing device method is suitable for the unit after cutting to meet the rigidity and ensure a little invariability of itself, otherwise, temporary reinforcement method should be adopted. The construction focus is on the correct distinction between the strips / blocks and the safety guarantee during the lifting of the strips / blocks.
Drive of tile press
If a chain is used to drive all the upper and lower shafts of the press, the amount of adjustment of the shaft is very small, and the speed will be limited. The changed chain drive will have a relatively large vertical adjustment capacity of the upper shaft. Chain drive is a lower cost solution. The gear drive of the tile press can use a cylindrical spur gear to drive the shaft. The problem with this gear arrangement is the ability to adjust the upper shaft. A small amount of movement of the upper shaft will reduce the contact of the gear. This meshing outside the pitch circle will cause unstable transmission. , It is easy to damage the teeth, the upper shaft moves upward again, the gear is disengaged, and if the roller is trimmed, the upper and lower shafts must be reduced, then the gear will limit the downward movement, and sometimes the upper shaft gear will be forced to invade The shaft gear produces a continuous tremor, which will leave marks on the strip. A different gear arrangement-each upper shaft is equipped with an idler idler, allowing the upper shaft section to be 25-50mm or more without disengaging the gears.

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