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company news about Stone Coated Roof Tile Advantage

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Stone Coated Roof Tile Advantage
Latest company news about Stone Coated Roof Tile Advantage

Our factory produce stone coated roof tile production line.If you need this machine, just let me know.


There are some advantage of stone coated roof tile

1. Energy saving and environmental protection, due to the use of lighter materials, the weight of the tiles is greatly reduced. Therefore, compared with traditional tiles, metal colored stone tiles require less wood to install. The metal colored stone tiles are all made of pollution-free materials, and the collected rainwater can be consumed by humans and animals.
2. Sound and heat insulation, anti-ultraviolet and anti-corrosion, covering natural grit with a certain thickness of aluminum-plated zinc steel plate has obvious thermal insulation and noise reduction effect, and water-soluble acrylic has good anti-ultraviolet effect. The aluminum-zinc plated material has better anti-corrosion effect.
3. No maintenance: The colored stone tile has a 50-year quality guarantee period, safe and durable, and a solid structure. The tile is fixed on the bead with threaded nails, which has certain anti-theft, wind resistance, fire prevention and earthquake prevention effects. If the correct installation method is adopted, the tile will not be bent or damaged.
4. Energy saving and consumption reduction. Compared with traditional tile installation, the installation of metal colored stone tiles saves 40% of wood.
5. Leak-proof, when the tiles are installed, there is a 90-degree connection angle, thus ensuring no rain leakage.
6. Easy installation, anti-algae and bacteria, using adhesive with anti-algae and bacteria growth, various colors.

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