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company news about The Advantages of The Solid Shaft of Roofing Machine?

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The Advantages of The Solid Shaft of Roofing Machine?
Latest company news about The Advantages of The Solid Shaft of Roofing Machine?

The difference between the hollow shaft and the solid shaft of the color steel tile pressing machine is that the hollow shaft is stronger than the solid shaft in the case of the same material and the same cross-sectional area, and can withstand a larger external torque. In the case of the same external torque, the hollow shaft is less material than the solid shaft. This can also be seen from the stress distribution of the circular section. When the maximum shear stress on the circumference of the solid shaft is close to the allowable shear stress, the middle part of the shear stress is still far away from the allowable shear stress, and most of the materials in the middle are not fully utilized. Its role.
However, the hollow shaft is more difficult to manufacture than the solid shaft, and the cost is also high. In actual work, it is necessary to analyze the specific situation and choose the shape and size of the section reasonably.
The space occupied by the hollow shaft is relatively large, but the weight can be reduced. According to material mechanics analysis, when the rotating shaft transmits torque, from the radial section, the effect of transmitting the effective torque is greater outside. When the rotating shaft needs to transmit larger torque, a thicker shaft diameter is required. And because the effect of transmitting torque in the shaft center is small, it is generally hollow to reduce the weight of the rotating shaft.
1. If the outer diameter is the same, the solid Bi hollow is better in bending and torsion.
2. If it is the same quality (or the same cross-sectional area), the hollow is better than the solid, and saves material, but it is not necessarily economical (because the hollow is difficult to process, the material is saved but the processing cost is increased)
3. The specific strength and specific stiffness of hollow materials should generally be better.
Here I will give you a detailed introduction about the selection criteria of the axis.
⒈: (If the thickness of the raw material is 0.5-1.0mm) It is recommended to use a solid shaft for the profiled spindle. The pressure of the solid shaft produces a product with better accuracy.
⒉: The 350-frame steel welding of the large frame is used as the bottom frame, which is not easy to twist. The brand of motor and sprocket chain must be selected.
⒊: The quality of the PLC computer configuration box and hydraulic station is also selected.
The fourth step: the forming roller must ensure 45# steel to enhance the durability and wear resistance.

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