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company news about Tips for Reducing The Failure Rate of Color Steel Roofing Machine

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Company News
Tips for Reducing The Failure Rate of Color Steel Roofing Machine
Latest company news about Tips for Reducing The Failure Rate of Color Steel Roofing Machine

Cold rolled steel products have various attributes suitable for applications in a wide range. In addition to its high-strength cold-rolled steel, it has high pitting resistance and exhibits useful magnetic properties. It also accepts surface coatings such as enamel and paint at any time. Cold-rolled steel plates for manufacturing projects range from commercial products such as home appliances and industrial products of bathtubs, including motors, generators and transformers for automobiles.

The color steel tile press is a cold-rolled steel equipment. At present, its operation is not too complicated, because there is a computer control system, you only need to enter the size and data you need in the computer during the actual production process. The control system will complete the production according to the relevant input, which is simple and convenient. The tile press should use the high-number pulse input function, KDN-K306-24AR high-number input performance is excellent, and the AB phase selection has strong anti-interference ability. And use the fixed value interrupt function to ensure accuracy.

The detection part of the color steel tile pressing machine includes: a pulse encoder for detecting the length of the color steel tile, a profiled up and down travel switch, a knife up and down travel switch, a press up and down operation button, a knife up and down travel button, and an emergency stop switch , Hydraulic start-stop switch and so on.

1. Hydraulic oil circuit

The tile press should also be inspected after repairing the hydraulic system.

1. Check the oil level of the oil tank every week, if the oil level is lower than the oil window, it should be filled with hydraulic oil;

2. The oil temperature of the system should be between 35 ℃ ~ 60 ℃. If the temperature is too high, the oil quality and accessories will be damaged.

3. The hydraulic oil used in this machine is ISOHM46 or MOBILDTE25, and the oil should be changed after every 40006000 hours of work.

4. The new machine should be changed after 2000 hours of operation, and the oil tank should be cleaned every time the oil is changed.

2. Hydraulic components

Do not use cleaning agents;

1. Clean the hydraulic components (substrate valve motor pump tubing, etc.) every month to prevent dirt from entering the system and check if there is any deformation at the bend of each tubing of the tile press

2. After using the new machine for one month, if there is any abnormality, it should be replaced. After two months of use, the joints of all accessories should be fastened. When performing this work, the system should be shut down without pressure.

Third, the filter

The color steel tile press filter should be replaced or cleaned:

1. Check and clean every oil change every 3 months,

2. The air filter on the fuel tank should be replaced once a year.

3. Other filter abnormalities such as related alarms of the machine tool or dirty oil.

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